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4oz. Protein  | 3oz. Starch  |  4oz. Veg.



6oz. Protein  | 4oz. Starch  |  5oz. Veg.



8oz. Protein  | 5oz. Starch  |  6oz. Veg.


 FAMILY OF 3 - (FAM 3)

18oz. Protein | 12oz. Starch | 15oz. Veg.


 FAMILY OF 5 - (FAM 5) 

30oz. Protein | 20oz. Starch | 25oz. Veg.



*Additional sauces and garnish not included in basic macros. However, we use very low, to no sodium in each meal. If we choose to slightly flavor our gourmet meals with salt we choose to only use Pink Himalayan salts. Macros also may not be as exact in macro-accuracy, as some menu items are created as the original dish was intended.


*With regular exercise, our meals can assist reaching maximum results.

*We recommend consulting with your physician prior to ordering.


Ready Fresh Foods full nutritional values coming soon!